Erectile dysfunction: how to cope with the disease?

Erectile dysfunction is a very common pathology among middle-aged and elderly men. The closer to the age of 40, the more likely it is to notice the first signs of this ailment. Insufficient erection is usually accompanied by difficulties in achieving orgasm, decreased libido, reduced elasticity of the penis, premature ejaculation, lack of erection in the morning, and reduced quantity and quality of intercourse. Such symptoms have a negative impact on intimate relationships in a couple, which becomes the cause of discord and misunderstanding. You can get rid of these unpleasant symptoms thanks to specialized medicines, which are available at

The development of impotence is influenced by many factors: bad ecology, a grueling lifestyle, unbalanced diet, passion for alcohol and drugs, the presence of certain concomitant diseases. The risk group for the development of erectile dysfunction include men with diabetes, endocrine disorders, cardiovascular and nervous system, survivors of trauma to the genitals. An important role in the development of impotence has the psychological state of the patient. Stress, nervousness, emotional overload, instability of the psyche, various fears inevitably affect the male power in bed. It is impossible to ignore the signs of sexual weakness. The earlier you seek qualified help, the more likely you are to improve your sex life.

Ways to combat male impotence

The way of treating impotence depends, first of all, on the causes of its appearance. It is proven that only a comprehensive approach will help to effectively get rid of the ailment. Doctors involved in the treatment of impotence practice such directions in its therapy:

  • Psychotherapy, based on the exclusion of possible fears (getting pregnant, contracting venereal diseases, not satisfying a sexual partner, etc.) or shyness between partners;
  • Medical therapy. In this case, prescribe special medications that artificially increase the erection. Levitra, Cialis, Viagra are the most popular of them. Traditional Viagra is available on the websites of specialized stores and pharmacies. The action of the pills lasts about 10-15 hours, which guarantees a quality intercourse;
  • Sex therapy. Used for married couples, when the “fire” of passion between the spouses is extinguished;
  • Vacuum massage with a mechanical device equipped with a pump. The massage is done just before intimacy, after which a ring is put on to keep the penis in the “working” state;
  • In advanced cases, when conservative methods are powerless, prescribe surgical treatment of impotence, based on prosthesis of the penis.

In the complex is always shown therapeutic exercise, establishing a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, giving up bad habits, the normalization of the day, work and rest. You can buy special medications for elimination of symptoms at