What is a wager in online casinos?

Absolutely any gambler does not mind taking advantage of the bonus or free spins. Who doesn’t like gifts? But also keep in mind that the word “free” has many definitions in the iGaming industry. Once again we insist: Make sure you read the terms and conditions, carefully weighing the pros and cons. This includes paying attention to wagering requirements. This is an important aspect. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the wagering issue.

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What are the wagering requirements?

Let’s start with the basics. What is a wager? The number listed in the wagering requirements tells you how many times you need to wager the amount of the bonus (deposit or no deposit) before you can withdraw the real funds received with it. Too promising wagering conditions cannot be true. Pay attention to the rules for using the bonus. If you are offered practically free money, it is unlikely to be true. A generous bonus is a high probability that the wagering requirements will be very high. So the size of the bonus does not yet determine its benefit.

How do I calculate the wager?

To clarify the situation with the wager, let’s look at a concrete example. Let’s say an online casino offers a bonus of 100% up to 100 euros with a 10x wager. According to the rules, you have to deposit up to 100 euros to get a similar amount as a bonus. So what does the number 10x mean? It means that you have to spend on bets 10 times the amount of bonus. That is, 10*100 = 1000 euros. Until you wager €1,000 or more, you will not be able to withdraw any winnings from the bonus. “Free” isn’t so free anymore, is it?

Read the fine print

We understand that you can’t pass up the opportunity to take advantage of a delicious bonus. That’s perfectly fine. Nevertheless, it is not unreasonable to take a few minutes to read the extra two lines written in fine print. Make sure you read the fine print! What could be so important about the fine print? For example, how to play: separately from the bonus amount or on deposit and bonus together. Or the duration of the bonus. Such information should always be present in the general terms and conditions or in the description to each bonus. You just need to look closely or in extreme case contact support.

Your experience with the betting requirements

As you can see, there is nothing wrong with the wagering requirements, but you should always keep your eyes peeled one way or another. Just in case. If you already have some experience with bonuses or free spins at online casinos, here are some questions to ask yourself before you take a new bonus. How easy or how hard do you usually comply with the wagering requirements? Have you ever taken a bonus and regretted it after a while due to its high requirements? Which online or mobile casinos do you think offer the best bonuses and free spins in terms of wager size?

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