Nicotine and sex: can smoking be the cause of potency loss?

The harm of smoking cigarettes for the potency of a man is due to its effect on the blood vessels and the CNS. After the first puff, there is an excitation of the central nervous system and the expansion of the lumen of the veins, and after the end of the entry of smoke into the body there is an opposite process – the suppression of the CNS and a sharp constriction, which violates the blood circulation in the body.

Thus, a man who smokes at first feels a burst of energy, which is abruptly replaced by fatigue, drowsiness, indifference to sex. Constant vasoconstriction due to smoking causes serious pathology of the cardiovascular system. Blood pressure disorders, myocardial infarction, stroke and complete loss of potency are the most frequent consequences of smoking. Nevertheless, you can use special medications of this type

Since sexual desire, arousal and quality of potency depend on certain hormones, nicotine, which lowers the level of the male hormone testosterone, directly affects the intimate capacity of the man. Australian scientists have proven that testosterone levels in men who smoke are significantly lower compared to those who do not smoke. Correspondingly, non-smoking men are sexually active until their old age, and have almost no problems with potency. Inveterate smokers risk becoming impotent at a young age, before they have time to enjoy all the charms of intimate life.

The result of the negative impact of smoking on potency:

  • decrease in testosterone levels caused by a decrease in the production of this hormone;
  • decreased libido, loss of sexuality;
  • potency disorders;
  • sluggish erections, resulting from poor blood flow to the penis;
  • poor sperm quality, low sperm motility;
  • adenoma of the prostate gland;
  • disruption of the centers in the brain, responsible for the onset of erection and orgasm;
  • carcinomatosis of the genitals;
  • development of depression as a result of constant failures in bed, associated with reduced quality of potency.

Smoking electronic cigarettes: is it safe for potency?

To answer the question, whether smoking electronic cigarettes has a negative effect on potency, it will help to understand how much nicotine enters the blood during one puff. Compared to conventional tobacco products, smoking electronic cigarettes is safer for your health. The dose of nicotine in one puff is ten times lower than in a regular cigarette, so there is virtually no chance of loss of potency from electronic cigarettes.

Every cigarette smoked has a negative impact on a man’s health. Toxins, nicotine and carbon monoxide and other harmful substances that get inside the body have a detrimental effect on the entire body, causing a lot of unpleasant consequences. The only way out of this situation is to quit smoking and lead a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking for drugs to restore potency, use