Unique Ways to Incorporate Technology Into Your up-Coming Wedding Nuptials. P #1

Technology now plays a pivotal role in our daily lives. From waking up in the morning to what we should eat for dinner, most of our decisions and lives are based around our smartphones.

There is no surprise then that the use of technology has begun to make its way into other areas of our lives. This includes significant events such as weddings.

Smartphones receive a lot of bad press when it comes to weddings. Many people, especially photographers, believe that the use of smartphones at weddings spoil the ceremony.

Many photographers have complained of close family members and friends pushing in front of them to get better pictures, which spoil the special moment for the happy couple.

However, there are many unique and ingenious ways to incorporate technology into your wedding celebrations to help create exceptional memories.

Here’s a look at a few high-tech wedding ideas that you can use.

1. Snapchat filters & Instagram hashtags

Since most, if not all, your guests will have some form of social media, creating hashtags is a great way to see images and videos they have shared online. Of course, you can go for a simple hashtag, which is pretty straight forward.

However, one of the growing trends is to create a savvy hashtag to add a bit of charm and fun to your wedding events. Snapcat filters can now be personalized.

This means you can create a customized and personalized filter for your guest to use at your wedding. The filter can include different types of graphics along with yours and your partner’s name.

This will allow guests to snap away and use your filter when sharing their pictures on the app with friends and family or uploading to their 24hr stories.

2. Heart rate monitor

Thanks to the popularity of wearable technology, many of us now have heart rate monitoring technology on our wrist. What has this got to do with weddings I hear you say?

Well, using the data and metrics collected from your smartwatch, you can create a memory for you and your partner.

Many couples have opted to take the heart rate reading at the point at which they both said ‘I do’ or the moment they first saw one another on the day. After which they printed and framed the data as a little keepsake of the day.

Heart rate monitor is one of the most innovative ways to incorporate technology into your wedding.