Unique Ways to Incorporate Technology Into Your up-Coming Wedding Nuptials. P #2

1. Drones

Pictures and videos are great on your big day. However, drones can help to add a different perspective of the day that other photography material cant capture.

For one, the wide-angle on a drone can help to capture a picture of all your wedding guests. Drones are surely one of the best high-tech wedding ideas.

Aerial photography of your special day will help capture breathtaking moments and angles, such as a birds-eye view of the bride walking into the venue. There are some things to consider when thinking about booking a drone.

Firstly they are not quite, drones obviously make noise once up in the air and if your venue has an echo to it, best not to hire one.

2. Go Pro in a bouquet.

This concept might seem a bit strange. But if you’re looking to capture moments of your special day that wouldn’t typically get snapped, then this is definitely one for you.

The small and compact GoPro series cameras are great and ideal for capturing first-person perspectives of your special day. Simply working the camera into your bouquet like a spy camera will help bring the unseen moments to life.

You will be able to capture the moment you throw your bouquet in the air. An intimate moment between you and your partner, and hopefully, some hilarious bad dance moves on the dance floor at the reception.  

3. Online wedding

Sometimes it is difficult for friends and family to join you on your big day, especially if they love in another country. This is why using apps such as WebWed, which is an online wedding app that can help you share your special day with friends and family around the globe.

For those couples who are not in the same country, they can be wedded over the app virtually with friends and family as witnesses watching the marriage take place.