Questions You Need to Ask About Your Wedding Venue. P #2

1. How much is the booze?

Because half a bottle of wine each is never enough.

Such a question could be revealing about my personality type eh? I’m not an alcoholic, I only drink when I work and I’m a workaholic.

Seriously though, it’s worth finding out. So, remember such questions to ask wedding venue before booking.

Guests will drink the champagne at the toasts, they will also drink half a bottle of wine each, which sounds a lot when booking, but the wedding breakfast is normally 2.5hrs, it’s quite easy to drink that much wine in that time.

If a bottle of beer is £6 and cocktails are a fortune, then people will wince each time they go to the bar, that’s not conducive to having a relaxed mega fun time with friends.

2. What happens if it rains?

This has little impact on how I work, I document, so you have to roll with whatever comes. For you and your guests though, this is important to know.

If the venue is spectacular in summer with the most fabulous gardens, just make sure you ask what happens if it’s lashing it down, only for peace of mind that you don’t end up in a cupboard.

3. How far are the nearest hotels and how much are cabs?

Not all wedding venues can house everyone who wants to stay there, so again, as far as being considerate to your guests, have a look at how far away the venue is from hotels.

Guests will want taxis, if it costs £50 to go 2 miles, might be worth looking at arranging carriages to ferry people rather than one off hire.

6. How much time do we have to set up?

Love to have lots of home made details?

I’ve been in the situation before setting up weddings for friends where we’ve had a team of people and two days to setup and only just made it.

We lined the ceiling with lanterns (an engineering masterpiece it has to be said), made all the bouquets, decorated the tables etc.

Something is always forgotten and it always takes longer than you think. Make sure if you are going DIY then the venue allows you access well in advance of the big day, otherwise you’ll be majorly stressed out and that’s not fun.