How Do You Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding? P #2

1. Go for local, in-season food

The best eco-friendly option for food is to choose a local catering company that can tailor your menu to the foods available seasonally and that sources its supplies from local organic providers.

Once the celebration is done, make sure to take care of the leftovers appropriately. If possible, donate extra food to a local food bank or homeless shelter.

2. Choose a nearby location

Traveling to your wedding venue can leave a major carbon footprint, so it’s best to find a place you love near the majority of your guests. The best eco-friendly location would be the natural environment as you can rely on natural light.

However, if you prefer celebrating indoors, consider venues with lots of natural light, or use candles as they will add to the romance and reduce electricity consumption.

Quite a unique idea for organizing an eco-friendly wedding!

3. Consider renting instead of buying

Anything that is single-use is not environment-friendly, so consider renting as there are plenty of options out there for your own eco-friendly wedding. You can rent anything from a wedding dress to decor, equipment, and even linen, tablecloth, and runners.

If you’re going with the straws in mixed drinks, go green and pick paper over plastic.

4. Choose seasonal flowers

Flowers can really alter the whole appearance of your wedding.

We suggest you go for seasonal and local ones as it will reduce the carbon footprint and be easier on your wallet too. Whatever arrangement you decide on, make sure to avoid floral foam as it contains a lot of chemicals and it’s mostly non-biodegradable.

This is one of the many ways to plan an eco-friendly wedding.

5. Support your favorite causes as a charitable favor

Instead of favors, you can let your guests know that you have donated a certain amount per guest toward one of the many environmental organizations.

You can then encourage your guests to do the same by letting them donate to the same organization, or by letting them choose one they’d like to support.

Let your wedding inspire others to take action

Your plan of holding an eco-friendly wedding already shows that you are taking steps in the right direction and that you care about our planet.

The fact that you’re making the environment a priority on one of your most special days is sure to inspire others around you and spur them to start making changes that contribute to a better, safer, and cleaner earth.