How Do You Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding? P #1

As beautiful as weddings can be, they can end up generating a lot of waste, including food waste, and single-use decorations.

A lot of couples today are becoming conscious of the need to treat the planet better, so they are going out of their way to find green wedding ideas to minimize waste and save money in the process. They arrange for an eco-friendly wedding and prefer eco-friendly decors to minimalize wedding wastes.

Due to these facts, the demand for sustainable weddings is on the rise and the young couples are looking more for eco-friendly wedding favors.

If you’re one of those couples who want to have an environmentally and socially conscious wedding, you’re in the right place.

In this post, we’re sharing tips on how you can plan out your very own eco-friendly wedding.

Tips and ideas for an eco-friendly wedding

1. Choose an ethical ring

An eco-conscious or eco-friendly wedding can begin as early as engagement ring shopping.

Make sure to use jewelers who are using fair-labor gemstones that have a clean ethical background and traceable origin.

Some rings, like the popular sapphire engagement ring, have gemstones that come from smaller mines run by local families and groups, so buying these rings can mean supporting ethically-conscious mining.

2. Reduce the guest list

We know how it sounds, but a considerable contribution to your eco-friendly actions is reducing the guest list as much as possible, especially for those guests who need to travel great distances to attend the celebration.

Being strict with your guest registry also minimizes the waste and will free up some budget to possibly spend on food or drinks for those remaining guests, who are now going to be a part of a smaller but more intimate wedding.

When it comes to inviting guests, you can do all invitations electronically. Or if you really prefer actual invites, try using recycled paper, i.e., sending out eco-friendly invitations.